Do You Need Braces or Headgear?

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This quiz is to see if you need headgear braces and much more. Hopefully you can learn something from this. And is I was wormy about anything please tell me In the comments.

Sorry if you didn't like this I am not an orthodontist at all. Just thought it would be fun to see what I can create with this. I have had some of this stuff or I know people who do.

Created by: Louis
  1. To your front teeth jet forward?
  2. Do your top teeth cover your bottom teeth?
  3. When you smile, are your bottom teeth covering your top teeth?
  4. Do your teeth turn in or out or cover up your other teeth? Are they crowded?
  5. Has your dentist ever told you you need braces?
  6. Do you want headgear?
  7. Dose your jaw pop or hurt?
  8. Do you think you need headgear or braces?
  9. If you line up your front top teeth and your front bottom teeth is there gap between them in the front or this is called an openbite.
  10. Do you have a bite issues?

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Quiz topic: Do I Need Braces or Headgear?