Do you need a shower quiz?

Do you think you need a shower? (Or you're bored) You came to the right place! This quiz will simply tell you if you either need a shower or don't. And I strongly recommend you take my advice.

Comment if you like the quiz! Please don't start attacking me if you don't like your results, it's just a quiz for fun.. or someone like me who's bored.

Created by: Unique Muffin

  1. Do YOU think you smell good?
  2. When did you last shower?
  3. Is your hair greasy?
  4. Do you have black stuff between your toes?
  5. Do your armpits smell?
  6. Is your hair frizzy?
  7. Is your face oily?
  8. When do you take a shower..
  9. Are you sweaty right now?
  10. Did you work out today?
  11. Do you think you need to shower?

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Quiz topic: Do I need a shower quiz?