Do you Marvel? #1

HI my name is Lazermazer. if you are a Marvwl geek come here to warm ul. this is an super easy Marvel quiz so you should ace it. if you are a befinner try your best and don't give up.

Okay it will be an easy quiz so geeks ace it beginners at least get half. losers at least get 1 if you dont then i will be super disappointed in you. :)

Created by: lazermazer

  1. Who breaks the 4th wall the most?
  2. What is Deadpool's weakness?
  3. Why is Bucky the Winter Soldier
  4. Who is/was S.H.E.I.L.D's greatest enemy
  5. What are the X-men
  6. Who is Wanda's brother
  7. Who is Wanda's husband
  8. what is Captain America's real name?
  9. What is Iron Man's real name
  10. What is X-men's enemy groupbin Apocalypse

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Quiz topic: Do I Marvel? #1