do you love your family

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family family family, a wonderful thing really, have you seen your family' today, did you say I love you, did you give them a hug or ask for money?

if your not near your family what are you doing, are you thinking of them,how many pictures of them do you have? how much do you love your family, do you even love your family at all,find out on this quiz

Created by: Marra

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  1. how often do you visit your family?
  2. how far does your family live from you?
  3. how far does your family live from you?
  4. how often do you call your family
  5. what do you do when you see your family
  6. on a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you love your family
  7. if you family came to school would you
  8. friends or Family
  9. when ur family sleeps over you
  10. do you miss your family right now

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Quiz topic: Do I love my family