Do you love Jerry Cantrell?

Hello this quiz is about jerry cantrell and if you like him or not its just for so hope you like it. Take your time and enjoy it if you find a spelling error tell me on the comments page.

If you truly do love him and the quiz says you don't just remember its for fun not to be taken for real so have fun and enjoy if you can leave a comment leave one please thanks.

Created by: The Temple of gotoquiz
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  1. Do you know who Jerry Cantrell is?
  2. What band is he in?
  3. What instrament does he play?
  4. Do you think he's cute?
  5. What do you think of his hair?
  6. Do you want to date him?
  7. Were you sad when you found out he was engaged?
  8. Can you believe its heather ankeny?
  9. Do you want to make sexy with him? ;)
  10. What was he president of in his senoir year in high school?
  11. Whats his middle name?

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Quiz topic: Do I love Jerry Cantrell?