Do you love Edward Scissorhands?

Do you love the movie Edward scissorhands? Do you think you have the material and the passion to be his one and only? Do you WANT to be his one and only? This quiz can't decide who you love for you, but it will help tell you who your best for.

Do you think you love Edward Scissorhands? Or would you jump for Jim? Would you do anything to protect little Kevin? Find out in this quiz. Note: Best if you've seen the movie.

Created by: Gabby

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  1. Do you like to keep to yourself?
  2. Do you go for the different or unique type of person?
  3. Are you creative? Do you like to make things?
  4. Do you feel sympathetic for lonely people?
  5. Would you rather the ending change so Edward wasn't alone.
  6. Do you like Kim?
  7. Do you like Kim?
  8. Can you imagine yourself in the movie? What role?
  9. What do you think of Edward?
  10. Out of all the characters, which one did you find yourself fast-forwarding to a scene just to see him for?

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Quiz topic: Do I love Edward Scissorhands?