Do you live in Stanleyworld?

After working on the mystery plays with Crime and Merriment, one can often start to find distinguishing between the real world and the world in which our characters move, eat, breathe, and die.

To see how these shows have affected you, please take this quiz. Please don't lie -- you're only hurting yourself. Be as honest as possible. Take the quiz and have fun!

Created by: Rusty
  1. When you are with a group of people and the person to your left asks the person to your right a question, do you feel the need to jump in an answer for them, even though that person was perfectly capable of answering the question?
  2. You are at a party, a reunion, on an island with a mad scientist, or in some deserted mansion. Do you:
  3. When faced with an unexpected situation do you:
  4. If you meet someone named Felix you:
  5. Whenever you are out at a restaurant or public function room and you have to go to the bathroom...
  6. You have to get up to speak in front of a crowd for some reason. As you get up to the microphone you...
  7. You are at work and someone calls in sick. What do you do?
  8. The best place to be in a boat going to Alactraz Island is...
  9. When you think of people's names you ...
  10. When you hear the word Michele you think

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Quiz topic: Do I live in Stanleyworld?