Do you like the same songs as me?

Hey people. So, I dunno why I'm even making this. I guess cuz I'm really bored, a d as much as I like staring at the wall, I've had enough. ( note the sarcasm)

So, do you think you like the same types of music and songs as me? Guess there's only one way to find out... So go take it. Lol, jeez, cant believe I have to fill all this space.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Ok. First one. Now, not many people know this, but one of my all time favorite songs is " Talking to the moon" by Bruno Mars. Honestly, most of his songs, I like, but not enough to recommend any of them. ( besides this one and " Grenade")
  2. " Titanium" by Sia. Yeah, this is definitely one of my favorite songs by her and if you haven't heard of it.... Get to lookin it up, you.
  3. " Free to be me." by Francesca Battestelli. Though I don't listen to too much Christian music, I do like her songs pretty well ( along with a couple other artists)
  4. " Last Call" - Mae. Though I typically prefer something more.... I dunno, different, I still love this song.
  5. " All the Same" - Sick Puppies. Two words for you. Love. It. Lol, it's definitely a favorite of mine.
  6. Okay, I'm sorta tired, so I'm just gonna say artists instead of individual songs.
  7. Ed Sheeran: Though I'm not always too big on that type of genre of music, I still like hid songs. Not exactly something I'd fangirl over, but still good enough to listen to on a long car ride across the country.
  8. Mac Miller: R.i.P dude. Seriously though, his songs are like, my everything. ( nah, not really, but I do enjoy them)
  9. Bruno Mars: I know I already mentioned him once, but i enjoy his music enough to mention him again lol
  10. Rhianna: definitely not my favoritest person on earth, but I love her song " Stay." so I'll have to tolerate her.
  11. Shawn Mendes : honestly, my fave song of his is " Stitches" but I still like most of his music.
  12. Okie, now I'm just gonna say a couple other song titles I like, and I'll be done.
  13. " Havana" Camilla Cabello.
  14. " Needy" Ariana Grande
  15. Oh, and anything of Billie Eilish's

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Quiz topic: Do I like the same songs as me?