Do you like bigger girls? (FAT)

Are you dating a girl that is a little overweight. Well let's see what kinds of girls you actually like. Take this quiz only if you are a boy! Fat girls are the girls that most people don't like but let's see if you do!

Do YOU like fat girls? If you do then take this quiz to truly find out. I think that if you do your just like me! In just a few questions you will see if you like those bigger girls!

Created by: Scootch
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  1. Most typical question. Do you like fat girls?
  2. How big do you like your girls?
  3. What is your typical girl waist size?
  4. What does she do in her free time?
  5. Does she exercise?
  6. If a girl is obviously obese will you ask her out?
  7. (Totally different scenario) If you are on a date with a girl and she orders like 3 meals and her belly is obviously seen by everyone what do you do?
  8. If a really fat girl asks you on a date what do you say?
  9. How much does your dream girl or real girl weigh?
  10. What do you do when she says she wants to be the fattest girl in the world?
  11. When you play with her belly what does it feel like?
  12. If she starts losing weight what do you do?
  13. When you ask her to look down and ask her what she's sees what does she say?
  14. How big are her boobs
  15. When she stands what happens to her thighs?

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Quiz topic: Do I like bigger girls? (FAT)