Do you label yourself?

Many people claim that they dont label themselves and are individuals. Well, you may be right. But some of those people turn around and label other people and thats just as bad. what Im trying to say is, that you should take this quiz to find out if you really DONT label yourself like you say you dont.

Do you label yourself? I certainly dont and I hope you dont either. I mean, why would you wanna be like everybody else? Take this quiz to make sure that you are your own person. Its fun and kinda weird questions pop up that make you Laugh Out Loud!

Created by: Dominique Apple
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  1. When people ask where you like to shop, you dont have to think about it, you know it right away.
  2. Before considering talking to somebody, you look at what they are wearing.
  3. When your birthday comes around, everyone knows were to shop for you.
  4. My favorite music is:
  5. People call me:
  6. My boyfriend/girlfriend is:
  7. My favorite place to shop:
  8. The stuff in this quiz made me think:
  9. So, I went out the other day and Im like:
  10. Penguins will rule the world.

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Quiz topic: Do I label myself?