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  • you forgot Arkansas you jerk face.

    dinosaur Jun 2 '10, 6:36PM
  • 95%; I'm in 8th grade and haven't taken a quiz/test on the state capitals since 4th grade so that's pretty good! xD Wonder what I got wrong though.

    Liffyjoo Apr 10 '10, 11:06PM
  • California waz the "bestest" state of all.haha.GO CALIFORNIA!!!!!

    CaLiFoRnIa Mar 25 '10, 8:21PM
  • 85% in 7th grade..havwen't taken a capital quiz since 4th.

    vleroy728 Feb 1 '10, 9:14PM
  • 7th with 95%. =}

    Blackscats Oct 14 '09, 4:58PM
  • i got 38% and im in 8th grade and there is alot of 5th graders

    mcr832 Oct 7 '09, 11:50PM
  • lol everyone here is like in 5th grade. im in 9, and i got 90%, lol. i dont really care so w/e. nice quiz though

    nessie14 Sep 22 '09, 3:44PM
  • You are 100% Knowledgable regarding US State Capitals!

    Excellent Work! Nicely Done! Thank you for taking this quiz. Be sure to check out the statehood quizzes here at!

    hehe, i took a state capital test this year in school, soooooo easy. i'm in sixth now, i lost my mojo. lol, on the first try i got 98%.

    x aka mrlq x Aug 14 '09, 4:39PM
  • Oh yeah! 100% on my first try! It's been a long time since 5th grade lol

    Dogblacklab Apr 5 '09, 10:54AM
  • 100% 7th grade, its amazing how much i remember from 3rd grade lol

    popsyd9 Mar 29 '09, 10:19PM
  • easy but you are missing like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...,7 ,8 ,9, 10. 10 questions to get AL5 50 STATES!!!!!!!

    softball_cat33 Mar 29 '09, 4:55PM
  • I'm in 5th grade to and on first try I got 95% which is good because I have to learn all states and capitals by... really soon.

    Peace out, yo!

    bornawesome Mar 29 '09, 12:26PM
  • I'm in 5th grade ans i got 100%

    jazzy123 Mar 29 '09, 12:21PM
  • How can you possibly claim to rate people on their knowledge of state capitals on a 42 question quiz. . .of which 2 questions (apparently included in rating the answers) have nothing whatsoever to do with state capitals? Sorry--this is ridiculous

    kmcc Jan 28 '09, 9:32PM
  • Its me again toke it and 100
    i know all the states and capitals
    by the way Go CARDNALS :D
    and im in 5th graddee awsome i have A test tommorow on capitals so yeah

    MissLilWayneLover Jan 13 '09, 9:33PM
  • whoooa :D
    toek it agaiin got an 92% ib 5th grade nice

    MissLilWayneLover Jan 4 '09, 12:50PM
  • Hah i got a 87% and im in the 5th garde and we are taking test on state capitals and usally i get 10 out of 10 i live in arizona L:D

    MissLilWayneLover Jan 4 '09, 12:46PM
  • i got 50% and i live in the usa lol and im i 7th grade

    lilmiswayne Jan 2 '09, 7:42PM
  • i got 100% too. sweet that was so easy

    ern11 Nov 26 '08, 1:52PM
  • Gotta 100%. Im in the eighth grade easy as pie! DAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miley Fan Nov 14 '08, 10:23PM
  • 60% but i live in canada, i was looking thru the back of my friends agenda thats moving to the US and remembered most of them so i thought i would try this quiz, i got pretty much what i expected

    converse41 Oct 29 '08, 8:02PM
  • i got 15% oh well im gettin better

    i live in the uk btw so it explains why i suck also ive never been to the usa

    Angels Gurl x Oct 29 '08, 7:35AM

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