Do you know your Rootes Group?

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Do you know your "Rootes"? So you think you know about the Rootes Group Marque? Take this quick quiz and find out how good you are, genius or just average? This will sort the Men from the Boys!

"How Rootes are you"? From Hillman to Humber, Sunbeam to Singer, we have some great questions for you, all just a bit of fun but come and find out just how good or crap you really are!

Created by: Michael Beston
  1. Originally founded in Hawkhurst, Kent as a car sales company in 1913, can you name it's founder?
  2. In 1964, Rootes introduced the Sunbeam Tiger, a V8 derivative powered by a 4.2 litre Ford V8 engine. Who was instrumental in the development of the Tiger prototype.
  3. Can you name the Studebaker stylist who was a design consultant for Rootes? His influence is readily seen in the 1956 Audax range of cars, which included the contemporary Series Minx vehicles.
  4. The mid-1960s saw Rootes was being progressively taken over by a large American Automobile Manufacturer based in Michigan US, can you name this company?
  5. The early 1970s saw a rise in interest of sub-compact cars, Chrysler offered a particular model based on the well known Hillman Avenger to the North American market, can you name this car?
  6. In 1963, the Rootes Group introduced the Hillman Imp, a compact rear engined saloon car with an innovative all-aluminium OHC engine, what well known engine is this designed & based upon?
  7. During the 1950s, Rootes's promotion included a strategy of participation in major UK and European car rallies, who was their top driver?
  8. By 1924 Rootes was the largest truck and car distributor in the United Kingdom. Rootes grew and took over other companies, can you name one of these companies?
  9. The first Rootes model to be discontinued under Peugeot's ownership was the Hillman Hunter in 1979, its production & tooling was transfered to Iran, can you name this Iranian built model?
  10. The last appearance of the name Rootes was on a garage in Kent, this 1938 Art Deco building still stands next to the River Medway, can you name the it's home town?
  11. Rootes was the parent company of many well-known British marques, including Hillman, Humber, Sunbeam, Talbot, Commer and Karrier, can you name one more?
  12. The Hillman version of the Arrow was launched in 1966, and along with the Singer Vogue, it ushered the new Rootes style onto the marketplace, can you name this model that also replaced the Hillman Super Minx?
  13. The Sunbeam Rapier was launched in 1967 and could be best summed up as "gentleman's tourer", engine options featured twin dual-choke Weber carburettors, and was developed by notable Rootes tuners, Holbay, can you name this particular engine?

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