How much do you know about Ford?

Ford Motor Company...Probably the best car company there is. Of course if you think they suck, then you Chevies. But let's see how much you know about Ford. Please like this quiz, it's only my third.

How much do you know about Ford or how much do you think you know? You could know alot...You could know a little...let's find out. In this quiz you will answer several questions that will determine how much you know about Ford.

Created by: Alias Neo

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  1. First off, what's the company's full name?
  2. Who made FMC?
  3. What Mr. Ford create that made making cars easy?
  4. What year was the company started in?
  5. Which two Ford vehicles were/are used as police interceptors?
  6. Which Ford Vehicle set a ground speed record of 297 (something like that...) MPH?
  7. Was Dodge ever associated with FMC?(I don't know this for sure)
  8. Has Ford ever made a Military vehicle?
  9. Did Ford Help make the Willys MB Jeep from the 1940s?
  10. Which tank listed is made by ford?
  11. Does Ford still make Military vehicles?
  12. Is Ford a terrible company?
  13. Which is better?
  14. How many F-series trucks do they make today?
  15. Does Ford make every type of ground vehicle?
  16. We're almost done here. Which Ford car was the first with a V8 engine?
  17. What engine does the Taurus have?
  18. Which one is my favourite HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  19. Am I British? You know, pip pip, tally ho, tea time, all that stuff.
  20. I'll stop now...what's Ford's very own tier 1 high performance car (I think this is obvious...)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Ford?