There are people who absoulutly love music. Then there are the people who just dont listen to music. THEN there are people who hate mzusic( i hate you then)

Do YOU LOVE MUSIWC??? Haha i sqid musizc!! Silly me well good luck on this quis. Its not that hard though! Test your skillz on this quis( if you hqve any)

Created by: gabby

  1. This is the part of me that your never gonna ever take away from me. Throw your:
  2. Come on,,come on dont leave me like this. I thought i had you:
  3. You know i cant take one more step towards you. Cause all thats waiting is:
  4. I wanna be a billionair so freaking bad. Buy all of the things:
  5. Heres the thing. we started out as:
  6. Its true. Were all a little insane. But its so clear. Now that im:
  7. Im still alive but im barly breathing. Just praying to a god that i dont beileve in. Cuz i got time while she got:
  8. If you ever leave me baby. Leave some morfine at my door. Cause it would take a lot of:
  9. I set out on a narrow way. Many:
  10. How can you see into my eyes like open doors. Leading you down into my:

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Quiz topic: Do I KNOW my MUSIC??????