Do you have good taste in music?

Have you ever wondered if you you have good taste in music? Well take this quiz to find out, the results may surprise you. Because you may think you have better taste in music than all your friends but you dont after all.

Do you have good taste in music? Hmmmm I quess you'll just have to take the quiz to find out. Oh and if it turns out you dont have good taste in music dont feel bad just rock out to some new music and you will eventually find some good music :)

Created by: Liz
  1. Which of these bands would you like to listen to for an hour?
  2. Which one of these bands would you never be caught dead listening to?
  3. Out of these bands which would you rather go see in concert?
  4. Which band would you most likely make fun of?
  5. What genre of music do you usually listen to?
  6. Which band would you listen to on a road trip?
  7. Emo music is......
  8. Pick A Song
  9. Which band would you rather listen to?
  10. What concerts would you go to?

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Quiz topic: Do I have good taste in music?