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  • Fortunately, my daughter is using the Baltimore Catechism for her First Holy Communion preparation. Thanks to her, I got 94%. And thanks be to God, I returned to my Faith before her baptism, and we're lucky enough to be able to attend a Traditional Latin Mass ten minutes from our house.

  • Thank you lord for the greatest teaching of our Catholic faith there ever was. I am so very blessed to have been taught this wonderful catechism back in the 1950!s. I am so very proud, very,very proud to be a catholic. My faith is my all. I am truly a sinner,but I believe in the entire teachings of our catholic faith, no if!s and or but!s. To follow our faith is to follow Christ.God be with us forever and ever. Viva Cristo Rey!

  • The questions bring back parochial school memorizing. I thoroughly enjoyed those years! Wish I could go back to those days...... The test was great. It makes you remember what you learned and were taught about the Catholic Faith. That is the only thing I can truly count on my Catholic faith and the love of God!!!

  • My score 75%...I was raised on the Baltimore Catechism in the 60's....In high school went to public school and tossed my faith away for a while until 10 years ago I came back and it was like riding a bike, I never really forgot it... My dad was in the seminary for 5 years way back...He never said a word, but now I know he must have prayed long and hard for me. I wish he were here!

  • Ok I figured it out that your score is also based on your age! The highest you can get is a 98%, which I got. :-P Only way you can get it is if you say you're under 18. I originally said 21-30 and got points off. Yeesh. Ageist! Still enjoyed the quiz. Would have liked to have received my 100% though for answering all the questions correctly.

  • This quiz was a lot of fun. I especially liked the options for the corporal acts of mercy: "to not look at the naked" lol.

    Only complaint: I would have liked to see the answers afterward. Can't think which one I got wrong...

  • 91%. From 26 questions? That result 24 right would be 92% and 23 right would be 88%. Did I get a partial credit for something, or is the scoring just broken? It would be nice to know how many were right and even nicer to know which ones I got wrong (so that I can learn from the quiz, which oughtta be the point). BTW, the fill-in-the-blank question seems to be missing a blank. But overall, this was a great quiz and I'm glad I found it.

  • This was GREAT! (I am smarter than most modern day theologians! Ha!)

    I became Catholic with this wonderful Catechism 50 years ago under the title of "Father Smith Instructs Jackson". I remember it to this day. WHAT A GOLORIOUS GRACE TO BE A CATHOLIC! And thank you, Lord, for EWTN!

  • I received a 91% on the test. I enjoyed taking it because it brought back memories of my Catholic school upbringing. Only one complaint, no results showing what was missed.

  • I got a 95. Which one could I have gotten wrong?? Not a concern. I have been an evangelical Protestant for 43 years since the 10th grade when I heard the pure biblical gospel.

  • You are a 83% traditional Catholic!

    Fantastic! You have achieved mastery over most of the important doctrines of the Catholic faith! How did you managage to educate yourself so well?

    ...yayy i got a good result=)

  • I like the quiz idea, got me thinking about a lot of things that I've taken for granted as being well-versed in, but was a little foggy.

    BTW, if you get 1 question wrong (1 out of the 26 questions) you should lose ~3.85% - i.e. 99% should be impossible.

  • Slightly tricky for anyone outside the USA, since our Holidays of Obligation are different. (For instance, Good Friday isn't one.)

    Sue Sims
  • I got a 94% it would be nice to know what question I missed. On the bright side, glad I did well since my husband and I teach 9-12 catechism and Confirmation classes.

  • The test is invalid since it does not tell you what you missed. Wonder why? Another great mystery of the church no doubt.

  • I took the quiz and made a 92%, but I do not know which answers were wrong. How will I find out what I did wrong?

    My name is Maria Mora and my email address is: [no emails]

  • Would like to know which question I answered incorrectly. Looked them over and still cannot find an error.

  • Problem with the scoring system - changing your age affects your score (you can only get 100% if you under 25)

  • 93%. Thanks, Tishe for a fun and eye opening quiz. I am inspired to try harder and pray more and learn more and God willing, He will help me love Him more.

  • I have never gotten my hands an a Baltimore Catechism, but my parents, catechists and priests taught me enough to get 100%.

  • 99% and I'm not even Catholic! I guess parochial schooling will do that for ya. :)

  • *Please* show answers so I know what I missed. 94. Rating was wrong I meant only 5 stars for not showing answers!!!

  • this quiz was insulting to the Catholic faith

  • 82% and raised Southern Baptist (although now a Methodist). go figure :)

  • I got a 97%....but I looked back and do not understand which could possibly be wrong. Hmmmm....


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