Do YOU know wolves of beyond?

Do you know wolves of beyond like you think? Are you sure? Take this quiz and see, I wonder if you really do or you are just an overtly obsessed fan who thinks they know everything.

Do you have what it takes to know everything about wolves of beyond? Did to read all the books? Take my quiz and see I'd you really know everything! I hope you do well!

Created by: skyprint

  1. In what book does the sark die?
  2. Who kills Heep in book 6?
  3. Who is Bells?
  4. Who is Liam MacDuncan
  5. In what book does the MacHeath clan capture a bear cub?
  6. Name Foalon's sisters....
  7. Who is Rags?
  8. What animal does Foalon see in the end of book 6?
  9. Who kills Banja?
  10. Who is Foalon's mother?
  11. Who is the Whistler?
  12. What does the group eat on the ice bridge?

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Quiz topic: Do I know wolves of beyond?