Do you know the Nascar Cup Series?

Just a preview ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE QUIZZZZZZ. Play this to get the good ending or the bad ending 1st is the champions place and last is the sad place

You are either the champion or the bad driver who always crashes a lot and never wins or never gets a Busch pole award and gets made fun of because of your crashing and banging not even your owner likes you

Created by: Brady Anderson

  1. How many 7 time champions are there
  2. Who is the king
  3. Who's Nicknamed Superman
  4. Who's nicknamed The Imtimaditor
  5. Who's nicknamed smoke
  6. Who won the recent championship
  7. Is 🅱rad Kelslowski Going To Roush Fenway Racing?
  8. Harrison Burton is driving the 21 in 2022
  9. Austin Cindric is going to the 2 In 2022
  10. Kyle Busch is retiring

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Nascar Cup Series?