Which Driver are you

This is a quiz to make you have a driver if you don't have one. This is a quiz you need to stop by, You can get Chase Elliott, Kyle Busch, Alex Bowman, Or Kevin Harvick.

If you get one of those drivers you get the Light Side or the Dark Side. You have championships or you don't. Your the most popular driver or you are not. Your booed or your not.

Created by: Brady Anderson

  1. Are you a champion
  2. Do you have the most wins from all the drivers that races in the cup series now
  3. Are you the most popular driver
  4. How many championships do you have
  5. Are you a hack?
  6. Which team are you in
  7. Are you booed a lot
  8. Was your dad a racer
  9. Do you have a Brother that races
  10. What's your car number

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