Do you know the lyrics to my favorite songs?

There are many people who listen to great music... LIKE ME!!!!! if you listen to the music i do i bet you will do great on this quiz if you dont listen to great music... get a life

sooo are you going to do good on this quiz if you dont listen to good music you might as well turn around and take a different quiz maybe another one of mine!!!!

Created by: flibber

  1. all my friend know a low rider low rider flies a little.... (low rider war)
  2. times of trouble mother mary comes to me...(let it be beatles)
  3. because when i arrive i i...(let it rock kevin rodulph)
  4. my friends say im a fool to think that ur the one for me i guess im just a sucker for...(love me justinbieber)
  5. i am not the kind of girl who should be rudley barging in on a... (speak now taylor swift)
  6. i just had a ginormous brain bubble so i cant think of anymore songs...
  7. no more count
  8. im bored
  9. kdfygkrygf
  10. bye!!

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics to my favorite songs?