DO you know Star Wars?

There are few people who know nothing of Star Wars.But could you be the chosen or are you a evil sith lord?Find out here!Bounty hunter sith lord jedi master or padawn who cares?

Are you the one with the jedi or the empire?Find out!Test your Star Wars knowlage!Are you a bounty hunter,sith lord,jedi master or padawn!Find out now!

Created by: PopularDragons
  1. How many star wars movies are out
  2. Who was Ani's mother or father(do mother)
  3. What's the newest Star Wars movie?
  4. Who said"Luke I am your father"?
  5. What is the rarest lightsaber color?
  6. Who's the strongest Skywalker?
  7. Did you see Rey's parents in TFA
  8. Who were Kylo's mother and father
  9. How did Han die
  10. Who was Obi-Wan's jedi master?
  11. What movie was the rancor in?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Star Wars?