Are you a Sith Lord, Jedi or Grey Jedi?

If you are taking this test, you have probably watched the Star Wars movies. Or maybe you've watched the animated series, Star Wars the Clone Wars and/or Star Wars Rebels.

You want to find out whether you are a ruthless Sith Lord, A loyal Jedi or a Grey Jedi who follows the ways of both the Dark Side and the Light Side and disagrees with the council? This is your quiz.

Created by: Jace Stahl
  1. Which of these codes do you think best represents you?
  2. Choose a color
  3. Choose how many blades on your lightsaber
  4. Is Darth Jar Jar a reality or not?
  5. What trait best describes you?
  6. Which Star Wars Character best represents you?
  7. What Job in the Star Wars Universe would you want?
  8. Which Order is your favorite?
  9. Choose a battle Station.
  10. Honestly, which do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Sith Lord, Jedi or Grey Jedi?