Do you know Star Wars

there are many people that love star wars and would do anything to prove it, they know everything about star wars but every body argues with you. people say you are wrong when it comes to it but you know for a fact they are wrong.

are you one of those people if so take this quiz to prove you know what you are talking about it only takes about 3-5 minutes but when you are in your next star wars arguement it will really really pay off. best of luck

Created by: bill

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  1. Who is Darth Vader
  2. What episode does luke find out darth vader is his father
  3. How many times does luke go to Dego bah for imformation from yoda
  4. What episode is general gerivious in
  5. Who kills Jango Fett
  6. Obi-wan kanobi dies in episode 3.
  7. who kills count dookoo
  8. who does princess laya marry
  9. where does the jedi counsil live
  10. how well do you think

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Quiz topic: Do I know Star Wars