do you know pokemon as much as me?

this quiz is about seeing if there is anyone in this world that knows more bout pokemon than me-i have basically deticated my life to pokemon and know absolutly everything there is to know!!!!

this quiz is important because i want to see if there is some one who is more deticated to pokemon than i am, and with this quiz i can find out, so just love the quiz, and enjoy!

Created by: johnny
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  1. what is ashes last name?
  2. what item does ash owe misty
  3. what color are ashes gloves?
  4. how old do you have to be to become a pokemon trainer?
  5. who was the first person to travel with ash in the first pokemon movie?
  6. what is the first gem leader ash faces?
  7. where does ash go after he finds a stranded charmander?
  8. what color are ashes eyes?
  9. when ash faces brock in a gyn fight, what is brocks strongest pokemon?
  10. and last but not least- what is the name of the pokemon that never obeys ash?
  11. how often do you watch pokemon

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Quiz topic: Do I know pokemon as much as me?