Do you know Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Welcome to the quiz all about Ned's Declassified School survival Quide. If you have seen the show a few times and want to see how much you remember or watch it all the time and want to test your skills this is the quiz to take.

Here is the quiz to see if you know all about the nickelodeon show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. This show is how Ned gives tips and advice to help students survive middle school.

Created by: Zoomily

  1. Where does this show take place?
  2. What is Moze's real name?
  3. What is Cookie's real name?
  4. Who is Ned's crush In Season 1 and 2?
  5. How many seasons are there?
  6. Who talks all the time?
  7. Who is the janitor?
  8. Who is the evil science teacher?
  9. What elective does Moze take?
  10. What elective do Cookie and Ned get stuck with in season 1?
  11. Who is the person with a gas problem?
  12. What sport does Moze play?
  13. Who is in love with Cookie?
  14. Who is Cookie's math teacher?
  15. Who is the main bully?
  16. Which bully is in the sewing club
  17. Who are the three main characters?
  18. Who does Jennifer like in season 1?

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