Do you Know Midna?

Do you know the main things on Midna? Then take this quiz and test your knowledge! I hope you have lots of fun on my cool quiz! I'll see you later! Meet me back at the results!

Down below are questions on Midna. If you really know Midna, this should be easy peasy, lemon squeezy! And by the way, Midna is a character from Zelda.

Created by: GamerGalXOXO
  1. Where do you first meet Midna?
  2. Which type of race is Midna?
  3. Who's Midna's main enemy?
  4. Who was Midna before she was cursed?
  5. What was Midna's last words to Link before her departure?
  6. Who saved Midna from dying when exposed to a Light Spirit?
  7. Who was her companion throughout the game?
  8. True or False: Did Midna have magic hair?
  9. What color(s) is Midna's body?
  10. In Hyrule Warriors, what does Midna steal from you when you first confront her with Lana and Agitha?
  11. Finish this phrase, "Zelda, I have taken all that you've given..."
  12. What color(s) are Midna's eyes?
  13. What color(s) are the portals that Midna spawns?
  14. Who does Midna completely destroy?
  15. Which game is Midna from?
  16. Which gender is Midna?
  17. Did you like my quiz?

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