Which character Are You (Vaati, Sheik, Ghirahim and Mipha)

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This is a personality quiz with my favorite characters: Vaati, Ghirahim, Sheik, and Mipha. If you don't know who they are, they are only the BEST CHARACTERS EVER!!!!

Vaati is from Minish Cap and is the main bad guy. Ghirahim is the 2nd main villain from Skyward Sword. Mipha is from Breath of the Wild. And Sheik is from Ocarina of Time

Created by: Sheik

  1. when you see Link you...
  2. Who would you work for?
  3. who would you have for a companion?
  4. Do you love Link?
  5. If you had anything in the world, what would it be
  6. if you were anything in the world, what would it be?
  7. are you evil
  8. which power would you have
  9. if you could be any race, which would it be
  10. what zodiac sign are you

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Quiz topic: Which character am I (Vaati, Sheik, Ghirahim and Mipha)