Do you know me well?

Almost no one reads this, so I'll be a social butterfly! I like writing books. I love playing video games. I like to read. I like going to the aquarium.

Social butterfly again! I like technology. I like hanging out with boys. I can be funny. Most of the time I'm alpha. I like blue. I like peace. Socializing

Created by: ZombiRulz

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  1. What's my age?
  2. What's my gender?
  3. What's my favourite big cat?
  4. What series am I doing right now?
  5. How many parts are in my series?
  6. What kind of pet do I have?
  7. What colour are my eyes?
  8. What's my hair colour?
  9. Am I popular, geek, or both?
  10. Where do I live?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me well?