Do you know me (nicole the holo lynx)

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Hey welcome to my quiz my old account busted it's still there but logged me out and I forgot my password since my sister through out the slip of paper in my room but I will link in some of the old ones to my account

Any way thx for coming on to this quiz and I made this mainly for my friends to test and see if they now me so thx and once again I can say this lynx out😼🎮👾

Created by: the holo lynx

  1. What my fave food
  2. What's my fave colors
  3. Who created me
  4. Who is best friend
  5. What is the glitches mistaken evil side of me
  6. Who is my secret crush
  7. Would I were make up
  8. Time for true or false questions
  9. I have risked my life for my friends
  10. I'm 14
  11. I'm a freedom fighter
  12. I'm a freedom fighter
  13. Sorry last one repeated i hate when that happens any way your done

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Quiz topic: Do I know me (nicole the holo lynx)