do you know me?

there are many smart people. and a few true people after all, this is a fair quiz...its super accurate! so make sure you comment and rate this quiz! i am sure you'll be good at this

do YOU know me? do you want to wonder how smart you are at this? until now you will only wonder. but thanks to the great quiz, in just a few minutes you will just find out!

Created by: aidan

  1. how old am i?
  2. how big am i?
  3. do i like to study?
  4. how many friends do i have?
  5. what couler are my eyes?
  6. how long have i been skateboarding for?
  7. do i like to hang out with friends
  8. when is my birthday?
  9. what is my favorite couler?
  10. am i male or female?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?