Do You Know Me?

Are you prepared for this test? To see if you truely know me? Well to let you guys know I hope there are no stalkers around here like I mean seriously.

But you know? I don't care. Wow I say I don't care a whole lot. Haha it isn't my fault I have a habit. Habit means I CAN'T HELP IT. Lu Lu Lu lu. Hehe I love Butters. xD

Created by: Shiny_Starr

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  1. Uh first things first. What is my name?
  2. What are my hobbies?
  3. What type of music do I listen to?
  4. What is my hair color?
  5. What is my age?
  6. When is my birthday?
  7. What do I fear the most?
  8. What is my most favorite TV show?
  9. What type of movies do I like?
  10. What is my favorite movie?
  11. What is the color of my eyes?
  12. Rate/comment? (:

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Me?