Do you know the lyrics(part 2)Emily881

Hey again guys.This is a lyrics quiz(part 2)And i thought it would be best if i test you guys on the people who sings it as well.So you can skip that paragraph its just for the word requirements!!!bye!

Lyricz,love it,music!!the best thing ever.What would we all do without it!!Im sure it is bad,though!Hello guys hope you enjoy this quiz!So get started!Good luck,guys,bye,bye,Love you 2 million pieces

Created by: Emily881
  1. Say you will remember me standing in a nice dress,staring at the sunset,babe,red lips and rosy cheeks.
  2. Who sings this song?
  3. Where are you now that i need you? Where are you now that i need you? Where are you now that i need you? I need you the most
  4. Who sings this song?
  5. Everest is only a mountain A pyramid is just a shape Doesnt have to hold you back Doesnt have to pin you down Let your dreams take flight And your heart ignite
  6. Who sings this song?
  7. Thought you were the one,hey, Then you turned around,hey,found someone better Guess how many nights i've been thinking of you Zero,zero,zero,zero,zero,zero,zero
  8. Who sings this song?
  9. Did anybody tell you,you look better with your makeup on Did anybody tell you,you dont matter to me anymore
  10. Who sings this song?
  11. These have no effect!How was it???
  12. Rate or comment?
  13. Ok its over,bye bye

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics(part 2)Emily881