do you know me??

So do you know who I am??? Are we complete strangers? Or are you stalking me and living under my bed?? Do you know my age height etc well its your chance to find out who I am and what I like

Okay what are you waiting for? Don't be hanging around reading this like an ape really go on and find out go away stop reading this you want me to call the police?? Nahh I'm only messing but go take my quiz NOW

Created by: samantha_jbg

  1. My hair colour?
  2. Favorite band?
  3. BFF's name?
  4. Age (at the moment duhh)
  5. Height??
  6. What country am I from?
  7. Do I like school?
  8. My fave music?
  9. I wanna be...when I get a little older?
  10. Fave song?
  11. How many children do I want?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me??