I can guess your height!

I am curious to know whether I can possibly guess your height. Am I a height guessing genius? Or will I flunk this height guessing test? Who knows????

Do you think I can guess your height? Or are you skeptical? Either way, I encourage you to take this quiz to find out! Feel free to comment on how I did!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Do you frequently need help reaching things?
  2. Do people often comment on your height?
  3. When you sit in a chair, can you sit all the way back with your feet flat on the floor at the same time?
  4. What is closest to how much you weigh?
  5. When you are around a group of women, how tall do you feel?
  6. When you are around a group of men, how tall do you feel?
  7. Yes, this is sort of the 1st question, but humor me and answer it again: are you under 18?
  8. Is it awkward talking to people because of your height?
  9. Do you have to bend over at drinking fountains?
  10. Are you going to rate this?

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Quiz topic: I can guess my height!