do you know me?

there are not many people that actually listen in this world to what people really have to say or to offer.. it is quite sadning actually. when opportunities arise many peopel dont take them, from now on can you take the risk of getting hut or embarrassed by who you are who your with or what you do

are you one of those people that listen, or are you doomed for life as a gold fish i do hope that i get to know you if i already havent as much as i would like you to get to know me though...what a great opportunity

Created by: emily Becht

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  1. what do i call a carbonated beverage
  2. what is my favorite color
  3. what is my favorite color combination
  4. what is my favorite color combination
  5. what is my favorite cartoon
  6. when is my britday
  7. what is my moms name
  8. what is my dads name
  9. what is my favorite baseball team
  10. what is my full name
  11. what color is my room
  12. who do i like the best

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?