Do you know me!!

This is a general quiz about me, my lifestyle, interests and other various topics. This will take you behind the person that you think you know and test your knowledge.

The people who truly know me should do well on this quiz. This will separate the aquaintences from my true friends. Good luck on this quiz and be smart.

Created by: Tom

  1. Name the only city I DID NOT live in at one time?
  2. Name the Sport that I have NEVER played on an organized school or recreational team?
  3. As of the end of February 2007 how old with both of my cats be?
  4. Name the state I have not been to?
  5. What is the one thing I do not enjoy?
  6. How many majors did I have in school? Hint: The answer can not be found on myspace.
  7. What website listed is one that I almost never visit?
  8. What card game do I NOT enjoy playing?
  9. What is NOT one of my future goals?
  10. What type of animal have I NEVER owned?
  11. As a child, my dad coached me in what sport?
  12. How many girlfriends have I had?
  13. While coaching in a tournament I injured my best player, how did I injure her?
  14. What is my ideal girlfriend like?
  15. One trait in a women I wouldn't like?
  16. What is the one thing I DON'T like to do?
  17. What Playstation game do I NOT own?
  18. What do I have on my walls at my apartment?
  19. How many sibling(s) do I have? Younger, older or both?
  20. How many volleyball league championships have I won?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me!!