Do You Know Luke Benward Better Than Me??

There are many Luke Benward fan.But are you a true one.Take my quiz and find out.The quiz is also fun.For more information about luke benward go to his website.You might find this quiz there.You are going to love it so much so what are ya waiting for come and take the quiz.

Are you a true LUKE BENWARD FAN?Well take my quiz and find out.If you are a profesional luke benward fan you get a suprise and a new fun website name.Dont guess it yet.Just wait and find out.Plz take my quiz.please please please.Take my quiz!

Created by: Mary Aleem

  1. What Kinda Boy Is Luke Bnward
  2. What Is Luke's Favourite Sport?
  3. What Is Luke's Hair Color?
  4. What Character Does Luke Play In The Movie Minutemen?
  5. Who was luke's 1st KISS?
  6. Pick One
  7. When Is Luke's Birthday?
  8. In what movie luke plays billy?
  9. Eyes?
  10. Luke benward loves to dance. What Dance Does He Do????

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Luke Benward Better Than Me??