Do You Know LINKIN PARK Hybird Theory?!

Hybird Theory is LINKIN PARKS first album and their debut album that got them put on over 10 music charts around the globe! This AMAZING album was more than likely named after what LP wanted to be called arriginaly.

LINKIN PARK is the all time best and greatest band ever. My Band (AGGRAVATE 3) and i always try to re-mix some of their songs! Hybird Theory was their fist album that put them on the spot, now im going to put you on the spot and see if you know more than me about it!

Created by: Brianna Koetje
  1. What year was Hybird Theory realesed?
  2. What Song is this? I watch how the moon sits in the sky on a dark night shinning with the light from the sun,.
  3. What is the most popular song from Hybird Theory?
  4. What hybird theory song has little words
  5. what song do ppl say Chester did not want in Hybird Theory?
  6. In what music video does the actress see Chester in the mirror?
  7. What is the song: ******** in my skin these bruises will not heal .
  8. What is the second song in Hybird Theory?
  9. is Numb in Hybird Theory?
  10. is Recharged a re-mix of Hybird Theory?
  11. *BONUS* How many songs from Hybird Theory DON'T start with a "P"?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know LINKIN PARK Hybird Theory?!