Do you know Keanu Reeves?

This quiz asks you questions all about the beautiful and talented Keanu Reeves who has not yet had a quiz on this website made for him. So here it is, Keanu. It's your quiz!

Do you know Keanu Reeves as well as he does, or are you simply guessing your way to the final score of my quiz? Find out now, and take the Keanu Reeves quiz. Please don't Google the answers, it's a quiz for a reason.

Created by: MrsReeves
  1. When was Keanu Reeves born?
  2. Where was Keanu Reeves born?
  3. What is Keanu Reeves' biological father's profession?
  4. What was Keanu Reeves' education supposedly challenged by?
  5. What was Keanu Reeves' nickname as a hockey player?
  6. What was Keanu Reeves' first film?
  7. In what 1989 film did Keanu Reeves portray a character of the name Ted 'Theodore' Logan?
  8. What was the film that caused Keanu Reeves to be nominated for an award?
  9. In what film did Keanu Reeves appear as himself?
  10. In what film was Keanu Reeves cast to play a serial murderer?
  11. In what film did Keanu Reeves portray a character who had been diagnosed with lung cancer?
  12. What genre of film is it believed that Keanu Reeves favours most?
  13. What religion does Keanu Reeves identify with the most?
  14. Is Keanu Reeves musically skilled?
  15. What nationality does Keanu Reeves identify himself by?
  16. Has Keanu Reeves ever been married?
  17. What was the name of Keanu Reeves' stillborn daughter?
  18. From what year onwards has Keanu Reeves been an actor?
  19. Is Keanu Reeves still acting at present?
  20. What colour are Keanu Reeves' eyes?
  21. What is Keanu Reeves' gender?
  22. What does the name 'Keanu' mean in the Hawaiian language?

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