Do you know Jaqueline Wilson Sleepovers?

Did you read Sleepovers? Did you enjoy it? Did you want to see how well you paid attention? Do you think you've got what it takes to conquer the questions?

Then take this fun and free quiz to see how good your knowledge of this FANTASTIC book really is!!!!! You'll need all of your wits about you-good luck!

Created by: Cupcake123
  1. Who does Daisy want to be her best friend
  2. Who is the first person to hold a sleepover party?
  3. Who's idea is it to create the Alphabet Club?
  4. Who has a swimming party?
  5. Who weas a t-shirt that says, 'The Bestest Little Girl In All Of The World' at Daisy's sleepover party?
  6. Who is worried that all of her friends will judge her sister?
  7. Who is sick when they eat a chocolate cake/crisp sandwich?
  8. Who hosts the sleepover party where they all sleep in a double bed?
  9. Who is obsessed with scary movies?
  10. Who is Bella's best friend?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Jaqueline Wilson Sleepovers?