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  • I got 47% Thanks Jade

    Ljohnson10 Jul 8 '16, 1:36AM
  • Hey I'm 101 back off hotbabe100 and that's ur new name

    Cinder fall 101 Dec 16 '14, 5:39PM
  • Hey I'm a girl and I took this test this is weird but no girls like this and I'm a girl I mean girls don't like it when u flix and Im glad they didn't say anything inappropriate

    Cinder fall 101 Dec 16 '14, 5:37PM
  • this test is crap i know a ton bout getting a girl cuz i am 1 who ever created this test is dumb get a life 101

    hotbabe101 Aug 26 '09, 7:04PM
  • 60% and im a girl. i did this quiz for a guy!! and i talk a lot soo i has to choose the conversational and casual options!! xD

    Too me Feb 8 '09, 2:56PM

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