Do you know Harry Potter?

There are many smart people however barely any real geniuses at all. A genius is someone who has a clever mind with complex layers and floors that sees the outside world entirely differently...

Are YOU a REAL genius? Do you think you have the brain power to take that marvelous title? If think so then all you need to do is take this quick and easy quiz to find out if you do!

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  1. How many children's books has J.K.Rowling written?
  2. How many brothers does Ginny Wesley have?
  3. What do Hermione's parents do for a living(what is their job)?
  4. When Harry grows up how many children does Harry have?
  5. What is Proffeser Umdridge's first name?
  6. Who does Hermione go to the Yuke Ball with?
  7. Who teachers Charms?
  8. What is Hermione's cat called?
  9. What is Ron's nickname for his owl?
  10. What is Neville's job when he leaves Hogwarts?
  11. How many other boys does Harry share a dormitory with?
  12. How many muggle-borns are in Harry's dormitory?
  13. What animal is Hufflepuff?
  14. How often does the Triwizard Tournament take place?
  15. Who is the defence against the dark arts teacher in the Deathly Hallows?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Harry Potter?