Do You Know Everything About Celebrities???

Celebrities may seem like perfect people, but they're actually just normal people like us. There are many weird facts about celebrities that are rarely spoken of and not many people know about.

Do you know those facts? Have you read about celebrities and do you know a lot about them? Take this 10 question quiz about celebrity facts and see if you really DO know about celebrities...

Created by: Apryll

  1. What did Angelina Jolie eat and love?
  2. What does Victoria Beckham put in her face cream?
  3. What does Catherine Zeta Jones rely on to keep her smile young?
  4. How many miles did Elvis Presley fly just to get a bite of his favorite sandwich?
  5. How many hours does Mariah Carey sleep a night, and how many humidifiers does she keep in her room?
  6. Why is Matthew Perry missing part of his middle finger?
  7. Who did Jake Gyllenhaal get his first driving lesson from?
  8. How many boyfriends has Gwen Stefani had in her whole life?
  9. What was Elvis Presley's natural hair color?
  10. What is Nicole Kidman afraid of?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Everything About Celebrities???