Do you know Black Ops?

There are many smart video game players,but very few.Are you one of these many video game players. You will soon find out what a video game genius is.

Are you a video game genius? Do you have the power of few for this title? You're about to find out. Thanks to this quiz,in minutes you will find out if you are.

Created by: AdamJohnson

  1. Are you very evil or good?
  2. How would you die?
  3. Were you ever tortured or died by someone?
  4. Do you like good or evil
  5. Have you ever went to prison?
  6. Do you care about your friends?
  7. Would you stop the destruction of America?
  8. Where would you work at?
  9. Did you die in a place that's in America?
  10. Did you like Black Ops

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Quiz topic: Do I know Black Ops?