Do you know Aphmau?

Do you know anything about aphmau? If you dont then you shouldn't do this quiz. You may proceeded if you like but if you fail it's not my fault! But if you fail your still awesome I just wish you watched aphmau

If you do know her then good test how well you know her and her crew!Who knows maybe you don't know her at all.... This quiz will test that. Be ready to be presented with questions you may not know the newer to.

Created by: Kathryn Hughes

  1. Who is Zane voice acted by?
  2. What is Aphmau's real name?
  3. What is Aaron's nickname for aphmau?
  4. Who is Aphmau married to?
  5. Who voice acts Garroth?
  6. Who voice acts Travis?
  7. Fill in the blank "Heyyyyyy_"
  8. Who voice acts katelyn
  9. Who was Aphmau's school bully in Phoenix Drop High season 1?
  10. Who liked aphmau in pdh season1
  11. (Very easy) what is the color of Aphmau's hair in real life

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Quiz topic: Do I know Aphmau?