do you know adventure time?

there are many people out there who think they know my favorite show. but do thery?? mabey... mabey not. mabey they should just try it!!

think you know adventure time? think you can handle my quiz? i dont think your ready. i dont think you got what it takes to beat this quiz but if you do than try it. if you dare!!

Created by: Desire

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  1. how old is finn?
  2. what is finns pet?
  3. what is finns pets name?
  4. what 2 colors does finn wear?
  5. in the episode when finn takes of his hat what color is his hair?
  6. who is P.B?
  7. what kind of house does finn live in?
  8. what does fin always carry?
  9. who is finns mortal enemy
  10. what powers does finns pet have?
  11. are you ready to find out your result?

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Quiz topic: Do I know adventure time?