Do you know about elephants?

Hello, my name is Hadley. My favorite animal is an elephant, so that inspired me to make a quiz about elephants. This was my first quiz that I made, so I hope you will like it.

My quiz is about elephants because they are my favorite animals. There are many interesting facts that I hope you will learn during this process! Elephants are my favorite animal because they are animals that are realistically kind, but many people kill them for their ivory tusks.

Created by: Hadley

  1. Are elephants the largest or the smallest land animal?
  2. The leader of the heard is usually...?
  3. A male elephant is called a...?
  4. A female elephant is called a...?
  5. A baby elephant is called a...?
  6. A group of elephants is called a...?
  7. Elephants are...?
  8. How much does an adult elephant eat per day?
  9. Where are you most likely to find wild elephants?
  10. How long are adult male's tusks?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about elephants?