Do you know about aardvarks?

Hello, my name is Audrey! I wanted to make a quiz about something that not many people know a lot about, one of them being aardvarks! I am very sorry about my spelling.

My test will be about magical creatures called aardvarks. Aardvarks are that kind of animal that not many people know a lot about, so I wanted to test you to see how much you know about aardvarks.

Created by: Audrey

  1. What are aardvarks called sometimes?
  2. Aardvarks can close their nostrils to keep out the dirt and bugs while they dig.
  3. What does an aardvarks skin protect them from?
  4. The word "aardvark" means earth=pig in what language?
  5. A female aardvark is called a...?
  6. A male aardvark is called a...?
  7. A baby aardvark is called a...?
  8. Aardvarks eat...?
  9. An aardvark's teeth are very what?
  10. Where are you most likely to find aardvarks in the wild?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about aardvarks?