Do you know a lot about Frozen?

There are a lot of people who know Frozen, but are YOU an expert at Frozen? Please take my Frozen quiz and find out if you are an expert at Frozen or If you're not!!

This quiz will give you hints at the end, ask you 10 different questions, and help you to become an expert at Frozen! Take my new quiz and find out if you are an expert or not!!

Created by: Noa

  1. Does Anna have powers?
  2. Which other Disney princess shows up in the Movie?
  3. How old is Hans?
  4. Was Elsa planned to be a villain?
  5. Is Elsa the oldest disney princess?
  6. How many mistakes are there in the Frozen movie?
  7. Is Anna the youngest disney princess?
  8. Which Boy and Girl in the Frozen movie are the same age?
  9. Which Estimate is the closest to the number of minutes the Frozen movie last?
  10. Is Elsa's hair White or Black?

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Quiz topic: Do I know a lot about Frozen?