do you have what it takes to be popular?

popularity... you hear it in songs, you see it in movies and read it in books! but WHAT IS popularity??!! is it important? is it cool? or is it just a fantasy? ALL OF THE ABOVE BABY!!! except for being a fantasy... its real! anyway; popularity is... is... is... well i don't really know! its more of opinion really...

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW!!!!????? then what on earth are you waiting for??!! do this quiz!!! NOW!!! if you want to of course! but! if you do want to: take... the... QUIZ!!!!!!!!!

Created by: cassandra
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  1. do you think your'e useless?
  2. you have planned this awesome sleepover! what did you plan to do?
  3. at school you want to play soccer; but when you ask if you could play everyone playing soccer doesn't want you on their team! how do you react?
  4. you're talking to you're friends at lunch and all of a sudden the popular kids come by and ask if you'd sit with them. whats your choice?
  5. do you think you're popular?
  6. it was a lovely summer night when it was time for bed so you left your window open; during the night a squirrel steals your makeup. is it a major?
  7. the meanest kid in school decided that she wanted to pick on you today. so she called you a big fat foot with a side of fungus and punched you in the gut; what do you do?
  8. its Halloween night at 12:00 and you're own fiend scarred you to death! how do you react?
  9. do you do any kind of illegal drugs?
  10. do you have a boy/girl friend?
  11. why are you taking this quiz???

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Quiz topic: Do I have what it takes to be popular?